May 27, 2013

Review: As You Wish, A Cinderella Story by A. Violet End

Title: As You Wish (A Cinderella Story)
Author: A. Violet End
Genre: Erotic Romance, Adult Fairytale
Publisher: Self published
Release Date: May 14, 2013
Source: Provided by Author

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Overall Rating: 4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!
Reviewer: Kat

Author Summary

Annora is willing to do anything to save her father from the dark eros of an evil witch-mother and two demonic step-sisters. It's a perilous task, battling such awful magic, but she doesn't have to face danger alone; a fairy man waits to make all Annora's wishes come true—for a price.

This is not Walt Disney's Cinderella, dear reader. This is As You Wish, a Cinderella story from author A. Violet End.

My Thoughts

As You Wish, A Cinderella Story has all the elements of the classic fairy tale, enhanced beautifully with an erotic touch and written with a timeless elegance.

There’s a prince, a fairy man, a damsel in distress, evil stepmother and sisters, and lots of majicks. While the essence of the fairy tale Cinderella is the same, the characters and storyline are much further developed than the classical tale making this story even more enjoyable. Annora is a fabulously strong heroine with a huge weakness for Charming.  And, to my delight, Charming is not at all what I expected. The author throws in some great plot twists that were splendid in their unveiling.

I really enjoyed this short tale and I think the popularity of adult fairy tales is nothing short of fabulous. And for those of us who embrace our naughty side, this is a most sinful and enjoyable recipe.

Unlike this author’s Grimm and Dirty Fairy Tales series, As You Wish is more erotic romance than erotica, which is perfect for the tale of Cinderella in my opinion. If you enjoy this, then you should check out her collection of erotic fairy tales as well. Shorter reads but well worth it.

Happy Reading!!

4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!

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