Figured I'd help make it easy for you to shop on Amazon for the titles you see here around my blog by setting up quick and easy aStore. I've added all my favourite reads and those I want to desperately find time to read and I'll be adding to it all the time. 

You can see in the Browse by Category box that I've set things up By Genre first, and then By Series. For instance, 

  • Under the ParaRomance Series: you'll see a drop down list of the paranormal romance series i love. 
  • If you click on Immortals After Dark line, all the novels in that series are there just waiting to be added to your cart. I've tried my best to put all the books in the right order and I've included novellas and short stories published from those series for you too. You're welcome! :) 
  • For some unknown reason, you'll have to click on ParaRomance Series again to get back to the full drop down list. 
  • Once you add things to your cart, Amazon will direct you to the checkout like they normally do.  

This aStore will let you set up a cart, add your items and then take you directly to Amazon for checkout. Absolutely no personal information is stored here on my blog. 

Happy Reading!

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