March 30, 2013

Implosion by Berinn Rae

Title: Implosion
Author: Berinn Rae
Series: Colliding Worlds Trilogy, #2
Genre: Sci-fi Romance
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: March 11th 2013
Format: eBook
Source: Provided by Author

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Rating: 4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!
Sensuality Rating: High
Reviewer: Kat

Author Summary

Humans and the Sephians have reached a tentative truce and combine forces to pursue the Draeken threat. The war is on…

Sephian warrior Nalea exists only to kill Draeken, and she’s good at her job. That is, until a particularly bloody battle, she finds herself captured by Roden Zyll, a Draeken commander known for his good looks and heartless brutality. Her tormentor ignites a passion she believed impossible, and she despises him for it. Worse, she fears he has no intention of letting her go.

Desperate times call for desperate schemes…
Meanwhile, a tyrant has devised a plan that threatens to obliterate life on earth. Roden has spilled plenty of blood in his time, and he cares little for humans. But when he realizes his leader’s plan could lead to his people’s extinction, he plans a war of his own, a war that needs Nalea to succeed. But does earth stand a chance if its survival depends on Nalea opening her heart to the man who’d enslaved her people?

My Thoughts

My lovelies, you know how much I love my romances. And I have to say I find it particularly exciting to read a romance about a couple that are hated enemies. Being on opposing sides of a battle and victim of circumstances totally outside your control just adds a certain element of tension and drama that isn’t there in some romances. Doesn’t the added insurmountable obstacle of war instead of someone’s internal issues really make for a more riveting story sometimes? Whatever it is, it sure worked well in this novel and I found myself completely engaged in this love story and thoroughly entertained from beginning to end.  

Implosion is a sci-fi romance built around the history of two enemy races, the Sephians and the Draeken, who are living here on Earth. The Draeken were drawn to Earth given their uncanny similarity to human DNA and have been living here for some time, without human alliance. A supernova destroyed their own planet, Draeka, centuries ago. Afterwards, they enslaved the planet of Sephia, and their people, and took it as their own. An uprising of the Sephian people after centuries of slavery caused the Draeken to flee the planet. A small number of Sephians chased them with orders to find and kill the last of their enemy before returning home. However, the Sephians have lost power to get back to their planet and have lived here under a very uneasy truce with humans.

Picking up about a year after the first in the trilogy left off, Implosion tells the story of Roden and Nalea. And what a story it is. Twists and turns, surprises and shockers. Theirs is a tale of lust, betrayal, and love in the most impossible of situations. 

It’s hard to go into much detail about their situation without giving away major spoilers for Book #1 … and I highly suggest you read Book #1 first …  so what I can say is that this couple is now among my favorites. Like Cat and Bones good. If you don’t know whom I’m talking about, then you mustn’t read much paranormal romance. Yes, I liked their chemistry that much. I know this was their ‘book’, however, I would love to see these two have a whole series of their own adventures. They could pull it off.

Roden, is the ultimate bad boy hero. He is so badass, everyone loves to hate him or they live in fear of him. But at the same time, he is such a good leader that those closest to him will follow him to death. On the surface, his methods are so seemingly harsh that everyone hates him. But once things are revealed, you think, ahh I see now why he had to do that and perhaps he isn’t so bad. Plus, at almost 7 ft. tall, longhaired, winged and owning other enticing attributes and skills *wink*, a lot can be forgiven.

From Roden himself…
“…he’d craved-no, needed-this woman to find him redeemable. Though he often suspected that there was nothing left to redeem. He’d crossed that line too long ago.” There it is, my lovelies, the tortured soul we all love and want to fix. Our weakness.    

Nalea, the heroine, is surely one of the coolest heroines I’ve met. Her story was a complete surprise. She’s one of those people that can say more with a stare or a few well chosen words than most can say blabbering on for hours. Smart, decisive, brave and full of kickassitude (Berinn’s word), Nalea is awesome! I rooted for her (and them) all the way.

Bottom Line

Overall, this is a good read and my favorite in the trilogy so far. I’m particularly fond of the world building and the sci-fi element is a treat. And if you’ve read any of Berinn Rae’s other works, you know she’s very skilled in bringing the heat to the romance side of things. I enjoyed it, highly recommend it and can’t wait for Book #3, Explosion, to be released later this year.

Happy Reading!!

4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!!!!

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  1. So glad you enjoyed Roden and Nalea's story! And, thank you for taking the time share your thoughts with others!!