July 23, 2012

Early Review: Collision by Berinn Rae

Title: Collision
Author: Berinn Rae
Series: Colliding Worlds Trilogy, #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Crimson Romance
Release Date: July 30th 2012
Format: eBook
Source: ARC from Author

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Rating: 4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It
Sensuality Rating: High
Reviewer: Kat

Author Summary

Sienna Wolfe knows it’s going to be an interesting day when a man with golden skin and strange tattoos crashes in her backyard… and ends up tied to her bedposts. She likes her life just the way it is – simple, easy, relaxed. But when the gorgeous new alien in her life asks for her help in an inter-galactic war on a collision course with earth, she can’t say no… but she’ll soon wish she had.

Sienna struggles with her new, unpredictable world, which includes trying to protect earth from alien domination and dodging attempts on her life. And to make matters worse, her greatest enemy – who just so happens to have annoyingly good looks – offers her a double-edged proposal to end the war. All she has to do is give up her freedom and turn her back on the love of her life. Now it’s up to Sienna to pull off the impossible: save the world and – hopefully – live a little happily ever after.

My Thoughts

There are many things I enjoyed about this novel. Most of all is the heroine the author has created.  Even though she isn’t the strongest physically, she’s brave and totally kickass.  She’s also very impetuous which turns the human and alien races militant way of life upside down. She saves the hero’s ass, she plays an integral role in blending the societies, and the feminist in me loved the fact that the Sephian race is a matriarchal society. Women ruled the roost so to speak and I rather enjoyed this refreshing story world the author created.

Sci-fi isn’t normally my genre to read however since its paranormal romance, I jumped at the chance when approached by the author. I’m so glad I did. I believe it has t led me to an epiphany. I’m so over bossy Alpha males! The “I’m the all powerful, you are mine, you will do what I say because I make all the decisions” male that seems to be all too common in our romance novels these days. Thanks Ms. Rae for the refreshing escape! Time for the chicks to rule.

About the Story

Collision is the story of alien beings (Sephians) that secretly came to planet earth hunting their enemy alien race (Draeken).  The Sephians believed that the Draeken were here with plans to enslave humans as they did the Sephians years ago. The Sephians stepped in partly because they did not want humans to be enslaved like they were but mainly because they just hated the Draeken and they wanted to kill as many as they can.

Our heroine, Siena, wasn’t too shocked at the discovery of other races on our planet since she grew up with parents that researched alien societies.  She also worked for the military’s elite force that studied paranormal life forms. What was shocking for her to discover is that they were so much like humans that they could mate and that she was the pre-destined one true mate (his tahren) of Legian – a member of the leader’s trinity of advisors.

The story then evolves into a suspenseful tale of initiating contact between humans and Sephians, convincing them of the Draeken threat and how they could work together to overcome the threat.

About the Characters

I talked about Sienna above so you know I loved her character. I also enjoyed meeting the hero, Legian. He’s hot as hell like all of our favorite romance heroes are, strong willed and definitely no pushover but willing to do whatever Sienna wanted to make his tahren happy. Including accepting her taking another lover if that was what she wanted. He wouldn’t like it but he was willing to do it. He had her back no matter what messes she gotten herself into, painted her toenails and went out of his way to bring her things on the base where they lived because she missed them – like an Xbox. He offered complete and total support and didn’t boss her around. Tried a few times, didn’t get far and he was ok with that. No big ego for Legian.

The intensity of their passion was compelling from the start and felt throughout the entire story. A passion that was made stronger through mutual respect for each other.

There was time spent on developing the supporting characters. I’ve read a few of Berinn Rae’s novels now and find that to be a particular strength of hers.

About the Writing

The writing in this novel is smart and funny. I enjoyed it when a few of the supporting characters were trying to learn English slang. Imagine a hot alien mate saying to you they would like a “fastee” instead of a “quickie”. Or “you fight unclean” instead of saying she “fought dirty,” and “hold your hollies” instead of “hold your horses.” These little things added to the novel providing a comic relief from the seriousness of the war they were fighting.

A few memorable quotes…

“And for some other unknown reason, Nalea picked up profanity and slang faster than a sailor finding a whore at port.”


“It’s not my fault. He’s hitting his time of the month again.” Jax cocked his head and eyed her strangely. “Sephian males. They’re fertile only a couple of days every couple of months. It makes them horny as hell-and they become total dickheads, too.” This totally cracked me up.


“Legian’s least favorite of all Sephian weapons, finding it too small for his grip. She knew he carried it for her. Her tahren romanced her in the sweetest ways.”


“I know where the ‘extra’ in ‘extraterrestrial’ came from.”

There are many examples of this type of commentary and each one equally amusing.   

It’s a fast paced novel and thus a fast read. There are no slow downs that do not make sense. Even though some of the subject matter is serious, the tone is light and offsets the seriousness. Maybe a little too light at times when perhaps it should have been more intense. That is the only reason I rated it at 4 stars instead of 5. That being said, it doesn’t take away from the overall story.

Bottom Line

Overall, an enjoyable read. There’s good character development, a unique story world, intriguing plot, an engaging story with lots of action and very steamy love scenes. I enjoyed it and highly recommend adding it to your To Be Read list.

Happy Reading!!

4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!!!!

Coming July 30th… Pre-order Now…Collision: Part 1 of the Colliding Worlds Trilogy


  1. So glad you enjoyed Collision!

  2. I normally wouldn't pick up this book but your review is terrific and it sounds like a great story. I love the mixed up slang. And I can't take bossy males either.

    1. oh yeah the mixed up slang totally cracked me up. i could jut picture the otherworlders trying to speak English. and i'm so over the bossy alpha males. they are ruining some romance novels for me now. Hope you pick it up and give it a try. Its out tomorrow. come back and let me know what you thought. thanks for liking the review luv!