December 24, 2011

Review: Demon by Kristina Douglas

December 24, 2011

Demon (Fallen Book #2)

by Kristina Douglas

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: May 31, 2011
Author’s Website 

Kristina Douglas’s new series introduces a realm of fallen angels and ruthless demons, where an eternal rebellion is brewing.  The fallen were exiled to Sheol, doomed to eternal torment and cursed as blood-eaters for the sin of falling in love with humans when sent to earth to teach them the ways of life.  The fallen are on a quest to find the First. Lucifer, the Bringer of Light who is entombed in a living darkness, waiting for them . . .

Author’s Summary

Once the Fallen’s fearless ruler, a grieving Azazel must find the legendary siren meant to take his lost lover’s place . . . and kill her.

He’s a devil of an angel.

Azazel should have extinguished the deadly Lilith when he had the chance. Now, faced with a prophecy that will force him to betray the memory of his one true love and wed the Demon Queen, he cannot end her life until she leads him to Lucifer. Finding the First is the Fallen’s only hope for protecting mankind from Uriel’s destruction, but Azazel knows that ignoring his simmering desire for the Lilith will be almost as impossible.

She’s an angel of a demon.

Rachel Fitzpatrick wonders how Azazel could confuse her with an evil seductress. She’s never even been interested in sex! At least not before she set eyes on her breathtaking captor. And now she can’t think about anything else—besides escape.

Angels and demons don’t mix.

Rachel stirs a carnal need in Azazel that he never thought he’d feel again. Falling for a demon—even if she has no idea she’s the Lilith—means surrendering his very soul. But if he lets her go, he risks abandoning his heart, his dangerous lover, and possibly all of humanity, to Uriel’s deadly wrath.

My Thoughts

In Book #2, we meet Rachel who is believed to be Lilith – the first wife of Adam who was banished to lie with demons and kill children.  Rachel has no recollection of her past life or even who she is now for that matter.  She suffers from amnesia and cannot say for certain she is not Lilith reincarnated, however, she is in doubt.  She would never kill babies and wasn’t aware that demons or angels existed. 

Azazel is a powerful fallen angel who ruled Sheol before the death of his mate Sarah.  After 7 years, he still grieves the loss, as their love was deep and all consuming.  Azazel is hard and cruel even in his treatment of Rachel.  He will do anything to find out what she knows of Lilith and Lucifer and he does everything despite his conscience.  There is an attraction from the start between the two, however it takes a long time to resolve given what the couple has to work through.

We see more from Uriel and how incredibly demented he is.  God’s will was to banish the Fallen and let them live out their lives in exile.  However, Uriel has his own agenda and plots to destroy them in the worst ways imaginable.  And he certainly is inventive in his plans.

It feels kinda strange to root for Lucifer’s team, but in this case, they are certainly the good guys.

My Viewpoint
This novel is dark, intense and may not be for everyone.  There’s not much humor like there was in the first novel in the series (Raziel).  It was just OK for me.  There are a few unbelievable or inconsistent scenes that make me give it a 3 instead of a 4.  However, I still plan to read the warrior angel Michael’s story since I am interested to hear about the famous warrior’s story.

3 Bad Boys – Was OK. Give it a Go!!!

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