May 24, 2012

Review: Claiming the Vampire by Chloe Hart

Title: Claiming the Vampire
Author: Chloe Hart
Series: Blood and Absinthe #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Chloe Hart
Format: eBook
Release Date: April 9th 2012
Source: Provided by Author

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Overall Rating: 5 Bad Boys – Absolutely Loved It!!!!!
Sensuality Rating - Explicit
Reviewer: Kat

Author Summary
Fae princess Jessica Greenwood has never questioned that her duty to her people comes before her own wishes. To avert a war between dimensions, she agrees to an arranged marriage with a stranger—the Dark Fae prince. Then she meets the mysterious vampire Hawk, who challenges all her beliefs and tempts her with a longing she’s never even imagined.

Now Jessica is caught between duty and desire. With the fate of two worlds hanging in the balance, how will she choose?

Claiming the Vampire, a paranormal romance novel, is Book 3 of the Blood and Absinthe series.

My Thoughts

There’s nothing quite like a paranormal romance novel that has such a captivating feel to it that it makes you shiver all the way from the top of your head to your toes.  And I’m not talking about scary shivers. I’m talking about excitement and a seductive atmosphere. This is how Claiming the Vampire affected me.   

I must be on a roll with choosing awesome Paranormal Romance novels lately. Here’s another by Chloe Hart that has a great love story and a solid engaging plot.  One that any Paranormal Romance fan will not want to miss out on.

Claiming the Vampire is the 3rd novel in the Blood and Absinthe series, however, I think it can be read out of sequence.  The author provides enough backstory that it’s easy to keep up. The previous ones are just as intoxicating as this one so I’m sure you’ll want to read those as well.

About the story…

Jessica is the daughter of a queen and promised to the prince of the Dark Fae realm. She doesn’t want to marry for political reasons but she will. For her people.  War between the two realms is imminent if she does not.

Hawk is an assassin with one purpose and that is to find his sister who’s been missing for 10 years. It means nothing to him having to kill anyone to find her. His quest leads him to Jessica and the moment they meet, passion ignites and love, unlike what either of them thought was possible, claim them both.

This story is full of intrigue between the Earth Fae and the Dark Fae realms and things aren’t always what they seem. It does not take away from the romantic story but adds a complexity and set up of conflict that makes it even more riveting.   

About the Characters…

Jessica is a very compelling character with a very unassuming nature.  She likes to stay low-key and even though she is a Fae princess, she hates dressing up in ball gowns and playing the political game.  What she does like, is killing demons. She has a warrior’s heart and is a fearless killer of those that pose a threat to the humans the Earth Fae are supposed to protect.  Certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Hawk is completely the type of alpha male that we love – powerful, feared, sexy.  However, if he wants to be in Jessica’s life, he must learn to temper that alpha instinct.  No easy task for a vampire. He’s never been in a relationship before and doesn’t always say and do the right thing.  He has a kind nature that we see in his quest to find his sister.

On their relationship:
I like how the author recounts some early scenes (e.g. when Jessica and Hawk first meet) both from Jessica’s perspective and then in the next chapter, from Hawks perspective.  Since they can’t very tell at first meeting each other how attracted they are to each other, we get to see what each one is feeling at the exact time. It’s a very effective tool to use in this novel.  Jessica is quiet and more of a thinker than a conversationalist so it worked well. 

There is an amazing chemistry between Jessica and Hawk that’s intense yet completely tender at the same time. 

I have to share with you this captivating excerpt that is very telling of Hawk’s personality and their potential relationship. It completely sold me on the novel.

Hawk to Jessica upon finding out about her arranged marriage…

But the idea of Jessica marrying that cold fish made his demon rage inside him.
“Are you required to be a virgin on your wedding night?”
“Of course not!” she snapped.
“But you are a virgin, aren’t you?”
She didn’t answer him directly. “Why are you so fixated on that?”
“Because you deserve to have a decent first time, Jessica. Every woman does. Let me…” he swallowed. “Let me give you that.”
She stared at him. “You can’t be serious. Are you suggesting that you be my first time?”
“Right now?”
“With all those guards…not to mention my mother and my fiancé…waiting back there for my return?”
She was right. It was insane. But – “Yes.”
She gestured around them. “Up against a tree? Or on the ground?”
The thought of laying her down on a bed of pine needle had him harder than granite. “Anywhere.”
She shook her head slowly. “Just so I have this straight. Less than a minute ago you were holding a knife to my throat, and a few minutes before that you jabbed a needle into my arm and said it was poison. And now you think…what? That I’m going to fall into your arms? I’ll say this for you, Hawk – you have a unique seduction routine. Does the whole threatening-a-woman’s-life thing get you a lot of dates, generally speaking?”
In spite of himself, one corner of his mouth twisted up in a smile. “When you put it like that, it does sound a little unconventional. But, Jessica…” He stepped close and put his hands on her shoulders. Her skin was warm, and his palms tingled. “I’ll make it good for you, I swear. And I know you want me. “
He could see the muscles of her throat move as she swallowed.
“How do you know that?”
He stroked his hands down her bare arms and back up to her shoulders. “The way you tremble when I touch you,” he said softly. “The way the blood rushes to your cheeks and your breath catches in your throat. The way your heart beats faster.”
All those things were happening now, and hope rose inside him. “No one will ever know. It will be our secret. And after tonight you’ll never see me again.”
A one-night stand with the assassin who threatened my life? How romantic.”
He could tell she was trying for sarcasm, but her voice shook a little.
“This isn’t about romance. It’s about desire. And I know you feel it, too.”
She lowered her eyes, and her lashes were like black feathers against her cheeks. He watched her take a deep breath and let it out, slowly.
“There’s something else you should know about me,” she said, lifting her eyes to meet his. There was a glint in their blue-green depths that should have warned him, but he was too far gone to see it.
“What?” he asked, lowering his head to kiss her…”

That’s where I’ll stop. You’ll have to read the novel to see what Jessica decides.  

We also get to see more of the main characters from Books 1 and 2 as well as they are involved in the politics between Fae worlds.  This is a good thing as those characters are too remarkable to ignore.

Bottom Line

Claiming the Vampire is a novel that any lover of steamy Paranormal Romance will not want to miss out on!  The plot is solid, writing superb, with great character development. I highly recommend you add this one to the top of your To Be Read list!

Happy Reading!!

5 Bad Boys – Absolutely Loved It!!!!!

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  1. Excitement and a seductive atmoshphere? This sounds wonderful. I will definitely look for Chloe Hart.

    1. She's awesome Midnyte!! seriously love her writing style. This girl can really write a good sex scene! Hot but tasteful at the same time. Love her! Her first 2 are novellas.

  2. And with that...I'm heading straight to amazon to download this series...guess i know what's up next on my TBR pile. Excellent review - you really sold me on the story!

    1. She's an awesome author! You won't be sorry!