May 30, 2012

Blog Tour Interview & Giveaway with Fayth Devlin

I am so thrilled to have the lovely Fayth Devlin on the blog today!  Fayth is the author of the new Paranormal Romance trilogy The Vampire Queen and she’s kind enough to stop in on her Blog Tour to answer some of my questions!

She’s also going to gift an e-copy of her first novel in the trilogy, Blood Lust Rising, to a very lucky person.  You’ll find the Rafflecopter form at the end of the interview where you can enter the giveaway.

Blood Lust Rising was released on May 4th.  I’ve read it already and ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!  Gave it 5 Bad Boy rating meaning I highly recommend all my friends read it.  Other readers are rating it very high and its getting lots of great reviews and attention.  There’s a link to my review at the end of the interview as well. 

Author Summary

Vampire Queen and Demon son – Together they will wreak havoc and total destruction. Or at least, that’s what the prophecy says. When a sex-seething succubus focuses in on Ella Grey, a half-breed vampire and her Shadow Hunting partner, Micah McGregor, a power is released neither can control or comprehend.

A chain of events is triggered, forcing Ella and Micah down a shadowed path riddled with unrestrained passion, violence and betrayal. The truth of Micah’s demonic origins will reveal a heart-breaking conspiracy within the Shadow Agency that once swore to protect humanity from vampires and demons. Ella and Micah are proof that nothing is as it appears.

Welcome Fayth!  Congratulations on the release of your first novel.  How did your love of paranormal start?  And have you always wanted to write in this genre?

My love of paranormal started when I was child. I grew up with science fiction and fantasy. I wasn't too young to appreciate Vin Diesel in the Chronicles of Riddick, or to start paring up characters in my favorite paranormal shows and writing scenes in my head. I never really thought about writing paranormal romance until I picked up LKH's Anita Blake series. It changed my life.  I was drawn to the mixture of elements, dark and violent, and the blend of romance tying it together. I set down Guilty Pleasures and walked away knowing it was what I wanted to write. Dark romances with paranormal elements.

Would you share with readers what the series is about?

The Vampire Queen Trilogy portrays one woman's struggles as she comes to realize everything she thought she knew was wrong. (I was twenty-five when I came to this conclusion. It was closely followed by the realization all the advice I'd hated as a teenager was true!)

Blood Lust Rising, the first book in the series, starts with a succubus attack that changes everything and unlocks the potential within Ella and her hunting partner Micah. All actions have consequences, and this is a theme readers can expect throughout the series. Bound in lust, tied as life mates, Ella and Micah set off on a shadowed path that threatens to tear both of them apart as they uncover the truth about the government agency they've both blindly followed.

In a romance novel, for me, the characters are most important.  So I just want to say here that your characters are so realistic and relatable.  Ella and Micah are two of the best characters I’ve read with such chemistry and passion for each other.  Even the supporting characters are alive and given intriguing personalities.

Something I’m always curious about is how authors come up with ideas for characters.  Do you usually base your characters off people you know, yourself or do you just let your imagination run wild?

First off, thank you for the compliment!! I'm really glad you enjoyed my characters. I tried really hard to flesh each one out and make them have a purpose. Every character matters. As to how I create them... well, I let my imagination run wild. I'd be a huge liar though if I said I didn't blend in traits from those around me.

I saw this post on Facebook a while back and it went something like this, "I'm a writer, if you piss me off I'll just kill you off in one of my novels." That made me laugh because it’s TRUE! LOL. For me, making my characters realistic is about real-world choices. I try hard to stop and think if what I'm writing is realistic (vampires and demons aside). I'm an emotional writer, so I try to put in a lot of feeling behind the actions of my characters and hopefully this helps make them seem more real.

I’m so anxious to read the rest of the trilogy. Do you have a plan for when they will be out?

Well, I'm hoping book two will come out by the end of the year, and maybe another 4-6 months for book 3. I've got several projects going on right now and I don't want to rush any of them. I've gotten some amazing feedback from this first book, and I'm going to let it help me shape book 2 into an even better novel.

What surprises you most about becoming an author?

People choosing my book to pick up and read. The market is flooded with paranormal romance, so it always gives me a huge smile when someone purchases my novel. I've even had some very nice emails come my way and it means more to me than anything in the world. For me writing isn't about the money, it's about creating the fantasy and the escape. I want to inspire others.

What is your best advice for aspiring authors?

Get a critique partner and a beta reader. Bouncing ideas off others is a great way to flesh out your ideas. Also, don't be afraid of criticism, let it help you shape your story into the tale you want it to be. Lastly, don't give up. Things are never perfect. It takes time and effort. Put in both and eventually something will come of it.

If you weren’t an author, what would you be doing instead?

Reading a lot more books! There are so many books on my TBR list.  

Your GoodReads profile mentions another series you are working on. Would you like to give your fans a tidbit of what its about? Please, pretty please!

Well, I'm currently working on two other projects. When Angel's Fall, a 60k erotic paranormal romance is currently in an editor's slush pile (hopefully on top!) I pushed myself with this shape shifter/angel book to create a hero who walks a fine line on what is socially acceptable. If the publisher wants it, I've got an idea for a sequel based on one of the supporting characters.

My other series, Touch of Frost (will be renamed) is... something unlike anything I've ever written or read. I won't give away too many details, but let's just say Nolan Hale is an anti hero who falls for the one woman who has the power to control him (if she can figure it out). It’s a dark, emotional tale full of death and the life that sustains it.

So, are there any appearances, conferences or tours planned that you’d like your readers to know about?

If readers are interested in finding out more about Blood Lust Rising and the Vampire Queen Trilogy, my blog tour will run through June 11th. You can find the complete schedule here:

Thank you so much Fayth for being so generous with your time!  I loved having you here and can’t wait to read more about Ella and Micah’s adventures!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you Kat for having me on your blog where I'm surrounded by awesome books, good reviews and hot guys. LOL. (I'll keep my 'Stay Classy San Diego' comment to myself - hee!)

Check out Fayth’s Bio below and you can click here to read my review of Blood Lust Rising.  And you can

Happy Reading!

Author Bio

Fayth Devlin wrote her first horror story when she was ten, penned with neon pink ink in a loose-leafed binder. Captivated by romantic literature, yet intrigued by the paranormal, she continues to develop her own voice, writing the kind of stories that inspired her as a teen.

Her current novel, Blood Lust Rising, exemplifies what Fayth most enjoys about the Paranormal Romance genre, a reading experience that both quickens the heart and tingles the spine.

Fayth Devlin was born and raised in Southern California, where she presently resides with her husband and three sons. She is currently working on the final book in her Vampire Queen Trilogy and the first novel in a brand new series.

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  1. I love it that you have had an interest in this genre since early childhood. It is awesome. Blood Lust Rising was an excellent story and if I may say this...tingled more than my spine.. Wonderful characters and romance. Thank you.

    1. Yippie!!! Pam thank you so much for your support!! And yes, I've always loved paranormal stuff :)

    2. It tingled more than my spine too Pam! I can't wait for the next one! thanks for dropping in.

  2. More books I have to put on my list! I love how Fayth says the characters are the most important part in a romance story.

    1. and such wonderful characters they are!! You should add this one M. I believe you are a PNR fan like i am so you won't want to pass this one by.

    2. :) Characters are important in my book. They drive the story and will continue to drive the rest of the series!! I do hope you'll pick it up! :)