April 23, 2012

What's Hot This Week - April 23rd - 30th

Is it my imagination or is the third week of every month the most popular time to release a novel….  Seems to be that way so readers, we’ll have to start budgeting accordingly.

In this epic third-week-of-the-month, we can immerse ourselves in:
 ~ Myths and legends of the fictional realm of Dica, the celtic gods and druids, and the archangel Michael, 
 ~ The troubles of a tortured young Sidhe male,
 ~ Warriors & sorcerers hell bent on killing vampires, and
 ~ The long awaited Happily Ever After story of Christian from the Argeneau vampire family. 

These are just a few that caught my eye.  Good times ahead!  Enjoy your week!

Here’s one that slipped past my radar last week…

Date: Tuesday, April 17th, 2012
Title: Of Weft and Weave
Genre: Fantasy
Author: Clive S Johnson

A finely wrought and exquisitely detailed Speculative Fiction Mystery set at the end of a castle kingdom's epoch-long history. The failure of a strange army to arrive at the gates marks the end of an era, and sets in motion a fascinating and revealing insight into the realm’s rich but crumbling culture, bringing with it the unravelling of an age long mystery. At its heart is Leiyatel – the Living Green Stone Tree - long the preserver of the realm of Dica. What is to be the fate of her and of all those who depend upon her, even those far beyond her gaze?

A highly original, intricate and exquisitely imagined world, the ancient castle kingdom of Dica has slowly declined to a somnolent shadow of its once illustrious past. Expected salvation is long overdue and so a convoluted and at times darkly humorous tale steadily grows, within a broad canvas, to stunningly epic proportions.

The complex tale follows Lord Nephril, Dica’s Master of Ceremonies, and his oddly assorted companions who take up the challenge of saving the kingdom themselves. What comes to light is a multi-layered fabric of interwoven interests and conflicts that takes them far beyond the comfort and safety of Dica. Their journey marks an absorbing rebirth of ancient myth and legend, as alive and immediate now as in its dim and distant past.

At its heart is Leiyatel – the Living Green Stone Tree – preserver of the realm’s fortune and wondrous creation of the ancient Engers of Bazarral, but there’s more to their world than her own Certain Power, more within Nature’s far wider and wiser domain.

This is a sequel, a continuation of a story that couldn’t be followed, the story of Leiyatel’s Embrace. The two are uniquely linked within Nature’s own unrestrained knowing of a timeless universe. The end will certainly surprise and leave you thinking.

Of Weft and Weave will not only appeal to those who like a rich and involving read, but also to those who enjoy writing that’s innovative, original, tragically humorous and deeply thought-provoking. The tale is widely illustrated with the author’s own drawings and will also appeal to those who like maps for, like Leiyatel’s Embrace, it has two!

Date: Monday, April 23rd, 2012
Title: Eyes of Magic
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: SA Archer & S Ravynheart

He's defective. Damaged. Malcolm knows he is. How could he not be, after a year of torture in the belly of a goblins' nest? The only magic he can do is the Touch, a perverted magic he despises and learned at the end of a whip. Every one else in the Glamour Club has loads of magic, but not him. He doesn't fit it. But if he can't find his magic, and his place among the Sidhe, then where could he go? And what if those that enslaved him before came after him again?

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Obsidian Flame
Series: The World of Ascension #5
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Caris Roane

For a hundred years, Marguerite has been imprisoned and used for her powerful psychic abilities. Her only relief comes from her regular visits with Thorne, her vampire lover.  His every touch leaves her hungry for more..and aching for their next encounter. When Marguerite is finally set free, she returns to Mortal Earth to begin a new life for herself.  She dyes her hair white-blonde, paints her nails blood-red, and seduces a sexy-hot stranger. Why can’t she stop thinking about Thorne?

Now that Marguerite is gone, Thorne craves her more than ever..and follows her to Mortal Earth.  Unfortunately, he is not the only vampire who wants her. As one of three powerful women with obsidian flame abilities, Marguerite is a valuable treasure—and a dangerous weapon. For Thorne, she is a soulmate he must protect at any cost…even his own life.

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Tricked
Series: The Iron Druid Chronicles #4
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Kevin Hearne

Druid Atticus O’Sullivan hasn’t stayed alive for more than two millennia without a fair bit of Celtic cunning. So when vengeful thunder gods come Norse by Southwest looking for payback, Atticus, with a little help from the Navajo trickster god Coyote, lets them think that they’ve chopped up his body in the Arizona desert.

But the mischievous Coyote is not above a little sleight of paw, and Atticus soon finds that he’s been duped into battling bloodthirsty desert shapeshifters called skinwalkers. Just when the Druid thinks he’s got a handle on all the duplicity, betrayal comes from an unlikely source. If Atticus survives this time, he vows he won’t be fooled again. Famous last words.

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Warrior
Series: The Fallen #3
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Kristina Douglas

A born warrior, archangel Michael is dedicated to the Fallen’s survival. But only one woman understands the seductive hunger that he cannot forsake.
There comes a time in every angel’s life . . .
Every little girl imagines, now and then, that she’s a princess held captive in a tower. But Victoria Bellona is almost twenty-five. And that whole fairy-tale scenario? That’s her real life. The drop-dead gorgeous man who rescues her is no Prince Charming. He’s the gruff archangel Michael, and he insists that Tory is the Fallen’s only hope for ending Uriel’s vicious rule. She insists he’s crazy.
. . . to show his brethren what he’s made of.
According to the prophecy, Michael must marry this frustrating, fascinating creature, bed her, and drink her blood. But their fate is a double-edged sword. If they give in to their urgently growing desires, Tory will die in battle. If they refuse, she will die anyway, and with her, all of mankind. Michael is determined to find another solution when a traitorous kidnapper forces him into a deadly confrontation. Even if he can save Tory from Uriel’s ruthless clutches, will they ever really be together? Or is her fatal destiny—and the world’s—written in stone?

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Wicked Road to Hell
Series: League of Guardians #1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Juliana Stone

With the legions of the underworld gathering and chaos close at hand, Sorcerer Declan O’Hara’s deadly skills will be tested. But nothing will sway him from his duty, not even her…

Rescued from eternal darkness, vampire Ana DeLacrux owes her life to a mysterious stranger who asks for only one thing—her absolute allegiance. She serves this master without question until Declan, the one man who can make her forget her vow, returns. His magic is stronger, darker…more compelling than ever. His blood awakens a hunger she must resist, or risk deadly consequences.

As Ana and Declan join forces, the streets of New Orleans become a dangerous place for both humans and the otherworld. And the most dangerous place of all is a road Declan’s traveled before…the wicked road to hell.

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Under a Vampire Moon
Series: Argeneau Vampires #16
Genre: Paranormal Romance
Author: Lynsay Sands

Christian Notte's story, the sixteenth book in the Argeneau series is set on an island paradise called St. Lucia.

After a bad relationship and an even worse divorce, Carolyn decides to go on a long overdue and much needed vacation with the 'girls'. Only the rest of the vacationers didn't get the memo. Around every corner there seems to be another couple celebrating their honeymoon or anniversary and the few single men she does see are far too young to even consider, including an irresistibly attractive rock violinist she meets. It's really too bad he's so young but in the end it doesn't matter because according to his cousin, Giacinta, women in general aren't Christian's type. But there's a catch, Christian needs Carolyn's help. He needs her to be his beard (to play the part of his fake girlfriend) for the week to appease his 'machismo' family. Carolyn just can't seem to say No and decides to help Gia's cousin. The only problem is that being around Christian and acting like they are a loving couple is wreaking havoc on her emotions. Carolyn's thoughts keep drifting back to places they shouldn't, like kissing his full lips or feeling his broad shoulders under her fingertips... good lord, she's in trouble.

Date: Tuesday, April 24th, 2012
Title: Summoning the Night
Series: Arcadia Bell #2
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Author: Jenn Bennett


After narrowly escaping her fate as a sacrificial scapegoat, Arcadia Bell is back to normal. Or at least as ordinary as life can be for a renegade magician and owner of a tiki bar that caters to Earthbound demons. She’s gearing up for the busiest day of the year—Halloween—when a vengeful kidnapper paralyzes the community.

The influential head of the local Hellfire Club taps Cady to track down the fiendish bogeyman, and now that she’s dating red-hot Lon Butler, the Club’s wayward son, she can hardly say no. Cady and Lon untangle a gruesome thirty-year trail of clues that points to danger for the club members’ children. But locating the person behind the terror will require some metaphysical help from Cady’s loyal bar patrons as well as her potent new Moonchild powers—and she’d better figure it out before the final victim disappears and her own darkest secret becomes her biggest enemy.

How about you? What new releases are you looking forward to this week?


  1. I am so excited to read Tricked by Kevin Hearne. Atticus and Oberon are fantastic!

    1. I can't wait to read this series Christine. i hear great things about it. only if there were more hours in the day...