April 8, 2012

Indie Authors Kicking Some Serious Ass!!!

I want to share with you an article I just read in my Sunday morning perusing ritual about the Top Indie SuperStar authors (in March) based on Sales.  I'm a business-minded person so I can't help myself.

This list may have some inaccuracies (and the author fesses up to that), however, it gives you an idea of how Indie authors are kicking some serious ass in the industry! 

This list only takes into account the novels the authors have sold on Amazon, not any of the other sites. All of these 50 authors sold at least 10,000 ebooks last month on Amazon and there are several that sold over 50,000!  In 1 month!! Take that critics and kudos to you Indies!!

How many of these authors on the list have you read?  I’ve read several and some of my favorites are there… JR. Rain, Jamie McGuire, JA Konrath, Scott Nicolson, HP Mallory to name a few.

If you're an author and interested in going the Indie route, check this out...

A big thanks to ireaderreview.com for the article!!  


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  2. In My Opinion,

    That article was vastly under reported too, which makes it even more interesting. My guess is there are at least double, possibly triple the number of authors making those figures. For example in my case, I sold over 6 thousand books last month (on just one book), yet I didn't make it onto the "authors to watch" part of the list. I have a friend who sold over 15K books in March. But didn't make it onto the list at all. Plus, there is Carrie Anne Ryan who is selling alot more than 15K books a month and she didn't make it on the list either.

    I'm not sure how they came up with the names, maybe the authors emailed their numbers in? If this is the case there were alot of authors who didn't know about this survey. If they do it again, I bet they have alot more names.

    1. Very interesting indeed! At the beginning, there's an email addy where it looks like authors have to submit info. (for privacy i would imagine). This is fantastic to hear! I imagine it will help authors decide which route to take given royalties and all that jazz. Does my heart good! I'm not an author but i hope to be someday.

      Trish, since you're here, why don't you tell us about your books? or give us a link to your website so readers can go check it out.

  3. Yeah, my friend tried to send her sales info into that email after the article hit the web and it doesn't work. Or, it didn't then. I wonder if the author of the article got so many emails from successful indie authors it crashed her email. lol

    As for me- I only have the one book out. It's called Forged in Fire http://www.amazon.com/Forged-Fire-The-Series-ebook/dp/B005LPUCB6

    I self-published it back in Sept of 2011, but it didn't take off until mid-October. To date its sold around 30K copies and attracted the attention of Montlake Publishing, who acquired the entire series. So Montlake will be republishing the first book (Forged in Fire) in July and then another book in the series every Dec and July.

    I am still planning on self-publishing other books as well. I'm revising one right now to self-publish sometime within the next few months. And I've got a light-hearted paranormal mystery series and a dark paranormal series in mind that I'll only self-publishing.

    Anyway- you can find more information here. www.trishmccallan.com

    And thanks for asking!

    1. sorry it took me so long to respond. the world stopped for me last night when Tessa Dawn's latest novel came out early on Amazon. Everyone in my world was on their own until i finished reading… lol!

      thanks for telling us about your novel. i just added Forged in Fire to my TBR list on GoodReads. i'll be watching for the Dark Paranormal to come out.. that genre calls to me.

      take care