January 22, 2012

Review: The Merzetti Effect by Norah Wilson

January 22, 2012
The Merzetti Effect (Vampire Romances #1)

by Norah Wilson

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Self-Published

Release Date: June 6th, 2011

Author Summary
Delano Bowen has been a medical doctor for a very long time. More than 170 years, in fact. For much of that time, he’s been searching for a way to reverse the curse foisted on him by a vampress who sought to own him. With the emergence of medical technology, he now also aims to develop a vaccine to protect the vulnerable from predation by rogue vampires. After a century of searching, he thinks he's found the key to his vaccine – a surviving descendent of the Merzetti family. The Merzettis were virtually hunted to extinction over the years by rogue vampires who feared the anti-vampirism properties in their blood.

A foundling, nurse Ainsley Crawford has no idea that she carries a genetic gift, and Delano aims to keep it that way. He must keep her close, and ignorant, for he can leave nothing to chance. He manipulates events to ensure her unwitting cooperation. But when Delano's archenemy Radak Janecek mounts an all-out assault to destroy Delano and the fruits of his research, Delano is forced to draw Ainsley even closer to protect her. Inevitably, the attraction that has sparked between them from the first flares hot and urgent. Ainsley sees no reason why that attraction shouldn't be consummated, but Delano knows succumbing to it is not just ill advised; it could literally be the death of him.

My Thoughts
The Merzetti Effect
Merzetti is the name of the Italian family that is believed to hold certain anti-vampirism properties in their blood.  If a vampire bites one with the blood of a Merzetti, the vampire will die quickly and painfully.  The Merzettis were virtually hunted to extinction over the years by rogue vampires who feared their death.  Most believed them to be extinct.  

While the existence of a Merzetti descendant was highly unlikely, Delano is so desperate to reverse his vampirism he begins a quest to find any remaining descendants.  Now that he has the aid of medical technology, Delano believes he can use Merzetti blood to create a vaccine that will reverse the vampire virus for existing vampires and those newly bitten.  After years of searching, he finds the final and only descendent – Ainsley Crawford.  

Ainsley just lost her nursing position at the hospital.  On her way to an interview, she is attacked by a vampire and thus drawn into a new world she had no idea existed.  Saved by Delano, the very doctor who was going to interview her, she agrees to take the research job he offers.  The new job entails the development of a vaccine he believes can cure the vampire virus. 

Aside from Ainsley’s desire to help others from being attacked by vampires, she also has other reasons for taking this job so quickly.  She needs money desperately in order to help support her best friend and daughter who are running from her abusive husband.    

This storyline is distinctive from other paranormal romances with its premise of the Merzetti bloodline, vampirism being a virus and the belief that it can be reversed so vampires can be human again.  Delano’s quest for the cure was compelling and heartfelt and Ainsley’s role was conceivable.  The lengths that Delano will go are objectionable, however it makes us question what we do in his shoes.  Does the means justify the end?  Is the desire to escape torment more important than sacrificing morals and ethics to get there? 

Delano is a very controlled, focused and determined vampire that somehow adds to his sexiness.  He is caring and empathetic towards other vampires who, like him, want to reverse the virus and become human again.  He supplies them with blood so they don’t have to hurt humans to get it.  That being said, he also has a manipulative and conniving side in his relentless pursuit of his goal but does carry some guilt for it.

Ainsley is a smart, straightforward, and inquisitive person who continuously asks uncomfortable questions of Delano.  I love how she unnerves him by asking very direct questions about vampires and sex.   He cringes when she asks as he’s somewhat old fashioned and reserved.  It adds quite a bit of humor to the story actually. Resilient to what’s been thrown her way, she deals with traumatic situations better than the average person.  Perhaps being an emergency room nurse enables her to be so.  She’s also very compassionate and loyal to anyone she holds dear.   She has great love and affection for her friend and she easily makes friends with Delano’s staff.   And Oh My God, get this…she’s not a virgin!!  **gasp**  And he still likes her.  Imagine that!  Sorry for the sarcasm, I couldn’t resist. 

From the start, there is intense chemistry between Delano and Ainsley.  So when Delano is aloof and distant, despite Ainsley’s efforts and their obvious attraction, she’s confused and bewildered.  She is unaware that she carries the Merzetti blood and could unwittingly kill Delano if he got carried away and drank her blood.  When they did get together and let the barriers drop, it was seriously HOT!!

There are some really great supporting characters in this novel.  Eli is Delano’s friend and bodyguard who are competent, dedicated to the mission, and incredibly loyal to Delano.  He adds much to the story line and captured my affections easily.  We absolutely need to hear more about his story and give him an HEA. 

Our antagonist is Janecek who wants to stop Delano from finding the cure just as much as Delano wants to find it.  He is motivated by his hatred for Delano.  I would have liked to see this part of the story more developed.  We understood his hatred came from when Delano raised him; however, I didn’t get a real good understanding of what happened.

What I liked the most about this novel is the surprises and the unpredictable resolutions.  It holds many secrets and mind-blowing surprises, all delivered in the cleverest of ways.  Many things I did not see coming.  And I love novels that are unpredictable.

I found the medical terms a little much for me since I don’t have a scientific mind at all.  It was a little distracting to not understand some of the medical jargon, however, Wilson’s talent for delivery makes it manageable and it does add a sense of realism to the story.  

Bottom Line
I really enjoyed this novel and found the premise of the Merzetti bloodline to be distinctive and compelling.  The characters are well developed and the storyline well delivered.  I will definitely be reading the next in the Vampire Romances – Nightfall.

Happy Reading!!

4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!!!!

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