January 19, 2012

Review: Bad Blood by Kristen Painter

January 19, 2012
Bad Blood (House of Comarré #3)
by Kristen Painter
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Orbit
Release Date: December 1st, 2011

My review assumes you have read the first two novels in the series, Blood Rights and Flesh and Blood, as this review will include spoilers.  This is a series where you have to read in order or you will miss integral parts of the story.  If you haven’t read my reviews then click the links to read  #1 Blood Rights and #2 Flesh and Blood

Author Summary
Samhain approaches, bringing with it the final melding of the mortal and othernatural worlds. No one knows just how much power the night holds…
Violent murders occur in Paradise City as counterfeit comarré are systematically hunted. The police and the Kubai Mata have more than enough trouble to keep themselves occupied. As war erupts at home, Malkolm and Chrysabelle head to New Orleans to recover the Ring of Sorrows. Chrysabelle is forced to make a life and death decision and will realize that her relationship to Malkolm may have fatal consequences.
The clock is ticking . . .

My Thoughts

In this third installment of the House of Comarré series the relationship between Malkolm and Chrysabelle deepens.  After being hurt so badly in the last novel, Chrysabelle decides to take control of her life.   She redefines herself and finds an independent side that even she didn’t realize she had.  She is fed up with everyone telling her what to do, so from now on anyone who doesn’t fall in with her can step aside.  Even Mal.  I like this new side. 

Chrysabelle’s main goal is to get back to see the Aurelian and find out what she knows about her brother.  In order to do this, she needs her signum back.  Despite the fact that everyone thinks she shouldn’t attempt it, she’s made her mind up and that’s that.  Go Chrysabelle! 

Meanwhile, since Tatiana broke the covenant, all kinds of evil beasties have been finding their way to Paradise City.  The humans are catching on and murders are taking place.  The Kubai Mata still wants to retrieve the ring to safeguard; however, Creek must step in to help the police deal with the current situation and protect the good citizens of the city.

Tatiana is still trying to get the ring; however her priority changes after the Castus Sanguis appoints her the new Dominus of the House of Tepes.  They give her a new project to focus on.  One that should be impossible.  One that will change everyone’s focus and priority in the future. 

The Kubai Mata seems to be very well informed of what Tatiana is up to.  They tell Creek they have an inside source but withhold the details.  These guys seem a little suspect or shady to me.  Or perhaps they are the good guys.  We have yet to find out.

Doc has a major run-in with the witches Aliza and Evie.  Still heavily interlaced with Doc’s life (damn that smoke), they can use him as a tool for their schemes.  The level of power those two had surprised me.  I found it a little unlikely actually.   Not that it wasn’t well written at all, just that it seemed improbable that they could ensnare such a big bad. They have way more power than I would have thought possible or more than I gave them credit for.  

A few new characters are introduced - Damian (a comar who escaped from his life of servitude to Tatiana) and Daciana (potential Elder of the House of Tepes).  Despite their being new to the series, Painter writes them in so smoothly and convincingly that it doesn’t distract from the story at all and we get a good sense of their person.  

This series is full of surprises.  Just when I think I have things figured out, everything changes.  I’m constantly wondering if things are what they seem.  Such as, what powers will the ring have now? Who is what they say they are and who isn’t?  Will Chrysabelle find her brother?  What will Creek do for the Kubai Mata?  And now, how will Tatiana’s new assignment impact the story?  Oh, the suspense!!

Bottom Line
Painter continues to brilliantly bring these different characters and storylines together and deliver them in the cleverest of ways.  I really look forward to reading the next one coming out in August – Out For Blood to see what new surprises are in store for us.    

Happy Reading!!

4 Bad Boys – Really Enjoyed It!!!!


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  1. I just read the first book and thought it was pretty imaginative, although I had a few minor issues. I will probably continue reading the series though. I need to find out what happens!