January 4, 2012

Authors After Dark Convention 2012 Reading Challenge

PhotobucketI signed up for the Authors After Dark convention in New Orleans this year and I can’t wait!!  Many extremely talented authors that I admire are attending and I want to meet each and every one of them.  Pub-crawl, masquerade ball, pool party, voodoo party, tattooing, and of course book signings are just some of the happenings.  All in a nice hotel right on Bourbon Street.  It will be my first time in New Orleans and I’ve always wanted to visit so you can imagine my excitement!!!   You can see all the information about the event here…if you're interested.  

So, to get ready, I’m going to read the series I list here and at least 1 book from every other author attending.  Our friend at Midnyte Reader has graciously offered to host a reading challenge so we can get better acquainted with the authors going to the event.  Anyone can join the challenge so just head over to the Midnyte Reader blog and sign up for the challenge!

Here’s what I am challenging myself to read…  40 books 
My GoodReads List
My AAD CON Book Reviews

  • Joey Hill  - Vampire Queen series (5) 
  • Kristen Painter – House of Comarre (3) READ
  • SA Price - Entwined (1)
  • Erin McCarthy - Fast Track (5)
  • Erin McCarthy - Vegas Vamps (2)
  • Theresa Meyers - Legend Chronicles (1)
  • Theresa Meyers - Shadow's Sisters (1)
  • Darynda Jones - Third Grave Dead Ahead (1)
  • Nicole Peeler – Jane True (2)
  • Amanda Carleson – Full-Blooded (1)
  • Alexandra Ivy - Immortal Rogues (1)
  • Stephanie Julien – Luciani Lovers – (5)
  • Melissa Schroeder - The Cursed Clan - (1)
  • Suzanne Johnson - Sentinel of NO (1)
  • Mari Freeman – Hot, Hard series (2)
  • Jeaniene Frost – Night Prince (1)
  • Cynthia Eden – Night Watch (5)
  • Pamela Palmer – The Ezri (2)


  1. 47 Books??? I can only manage to read 50 in an entire year. Good luck and thank you for joining!

  2. LOL! i'm normally a fast reader but since i started this blog, i've slowed down quite a bit. we'll see how the next few months go. i may have to change it if the goal is too aggressive.

    and thank you again for managing this challenge!!

  3. Ooooh, how did I miss this challenge. Really amazing idea, I have been hearing about that convention forever. I might give this a go myself. Great list hon, good luck!

  4. How is your challenge coming along Kat.
    Mine ... not so good. I have read a few from my list but have not reviewed any. I suck!! If only the challenge was to only read the books but to take the time to write reviews in between work and classes not to mention other books that draw me away from the challenge is tougher then I thought. I should jump on the wagon while I'm on vacay this week. Cross your fingers a hope the lazy slug monster doesn't possess my body. LoL!

    1. You and me both RiN. I'm so off track too! LOL! I am reading some awesome books and reviewing on the blog but yeah commitments are slowing me down. It'll be ok i'm sure. We'll still have an awesome time at AADCON. A week vacay sounds awesome luv. Hope you enjoy!!