December 16, 2011

Blog Virgin

Hi everyone.  My name is Kat and i'm a blogging virgin!  yup! unchartered territory for me.  however, i have lots of support and buddies that can get me started and on the right track.

I don't want to make my first blog a long one so i just want to say that my intent is to share with you the wonderful novels i read in the Paranormal Romance and Urban Fantasy genres.  There's so many amazingly talented authors with novels out there and i get so excited about them that i just get giddy and want to share!

I usually steer clear of Young Adult because i prefer and am smitten with the Bad Boys (hence the name of the blog) and to swoon over young'uns at my age is just icky.  So you'll see more PNR, YA & contemporary romance here.

Please feel free to come introduce yourselves, comment on anything you see here, join other bad boy hero lovers and subscribe to my newsletter (i promise to only do 1 every few week or a month so i won't be annoying). I love feedback so please feel free to give it so we can try to make this blog more entertaining!  The only thing i ask is to be nice to others!  That's it for now!  Have a great Friday!!

oh, let me leave you with a Friday Funny..

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